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Adult Art Workshop

The studio provides well-skilled Art Teachers, as well as art supplies including easels, paint tube sets, canvas panels, brushes, and aprons. Each painting event will allow individuals to have a relaxing and fun time in order to explore their creativity and imagination. Additionally, they will have an opportunity to improve their social life.

Egg Decoration

Private classes for a social event, such as baby showers, birthday painting parties,  bachelorette parties, corporate painting events, fundraised events, and others.  

The class provides art materials, including paint easel, washable/gluten-free, nontoxic paints, art smock, paintbrushes, paint paper.


Group classes, by reservation.

Each class is 1.5 hours. Please come 15 mins before the class starts. The class divides by the age group, ages 18+


Broken Pottery Collage                      $65/per person

Color & Emotion &Expression       $50/per person


 Broken pottery collage                            $65/per person

Come here to allow yourself to smash something old and create something new.
We provide you a space to feel free to express your feelings, emotions, and the desire to break and create simultaneously. You can bring your own unusual pottery to smash, or we will have some for me.


Color & Emotion &Expression            $50/per person

Let art to explore your body, feeling, and emotion. 


Photo by Pavel Danilyuk from Pexels

Student work

Paint Abstract Pink
Abstract in BW

Everything is art, art is everything.

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